About the Site

Hey cool another wrestling website run by a pudgy white dude in his 30s with too much time on his hands. Finally!

Wait let me try that again.

Pro Wrestling Update is one man’s attempt to turn his very deep-rooted passion for the industry of professional wrestling into something constructive. Featuring news, recaps, and all sorts of other nonsense, PWU is pro wrestling filtered through a very specific and opinionated lens.

About the Author

Jonathan Sullivan began his writing “career” back in 2009, initially covering the movie industry until leaving to launch the first version of Pro Wrestling Update in 2013. Although it only lasted a year it didn’t curb his enthusiasm to cover pro wrestling and his work has appeared on various sites of his own creation in addition to well-known outlets like 411Mania and Pro Wrestling Ponderings. He currently resides smack dab between the D and FW of Texas, which would have been great back in the 80s during the World Class days but now it’s just…fine. It’s fine.

Rating System

Pro Wrestling Update uses the established five-star rating system made famous by Dave Meltzer and The Wrestling Observer, with some tweaks here and there. All media, be it wrestling events or movie reviews, will use this to maintain parity. Here’s the breakdown:

***** = top-tier (rating will be given out VERY rarely, if ever)
**** = must-watch
*** = good to great
** = average
* = bad
DUD = unwatchable
NR = matches too short to review properly (3 minutes or less) or are non-starters
SQUASH = obvious one-sided squash matches, mostly used for older TV recaps. Occasionally expounded upon if a squash match’s quality is very apparent (i.e. FUN SQUASH or DULL SQUASH)