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Tye Dillinger, Hideo Itami, & TJP Released from WWE

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WWE have made releases of Tye Dillinger, Hideo Itami, and TJP via official via their Twitter account.



Roman Reigns Announced for ‘RAW’ This Monday

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WWE has reported that former multi-time World Champion Roman Reigns will be making an appearance this Monday on RAW, four-plus months after announcing that he was taking a leave of absence to battle leukemia. He is expected to be in attendance to give the fans an update on his fight, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he interacted with his former Shield brothers, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose, in some capacity as well. Despite my own feelings on ‘The Big Dog’, I’m glad he appears to be doing well and is on the road to recovery.

Monday’s RAW is also slated to be the 70th birthday celebration for ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair so it looks like WWE has one helluva show lined up. Will you be watching live?


WWE Championship Match Set for ‘Fastlane’

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It’s official: in two weeks at FastlaneDaniel Bryan will be defending the WWE Championship against Kofi Kingston! This was announced through authority figure Shane McMahon at the end of tonight’s SmackDown Live to the joy of anyone with a beating heart. Kingston has been riding a wave of popularity following his iron man performance on last week’s SmackDown as well as his NEAR-VICTORY at Elimination Chamber. Awesome. Bryan/Kingston was going to happen one way or another given the fan reaction, and I’m glad it’s gonna be on a PPV and hopefully in the main event. DO IT, WWE. MAKE KOFI YOUR CHAMPION. WHY NOT KOFI.

WWE Fastlane takes place live from the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio on March 10th. Miz/Shane vs. The Usos for the SMACKDOWN Tag Team Championship was also announced but who cares, KOFI IS GETTING THE TITLE SHOT!

D-Generation X (Yes, Including Chyna) Announced for 2019 WWE Hall of Fame

Credit – WWE.com

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D-Generation X, the rebellious stable that went from ‘kind-of funny sometimes’ to ‘THE GREATEST FACTION EVER WHO KILLED WCW SINGLE-HANDEDLY’ after WWE won the Monday Night Wars, have been announced as the first members of the 2019 WWE Hall of Fame Class. ESPN were the first ones to break the story, but my work internet has them blocked so0o0o0o I’m giving WWE.com a nod as well. Here are the members of DX that are included in this induction:

  • Shawn Michaels (making him a 2-time HOF inductee alongside Ric Flair)
  • Triple H
  • Sean ‘X-Pac’ Waltman (and hopefully his cool as hell dog)
  • Joanie ‘Chyna’ Laurer
  • The New Age Outlaws (‘The Road Dogg’ Jesse James & ‘Bad Ass’ Billy Gunn)

While Rick Rude, one of the OG members of DX, is noticeably absent, the fact that the late Chyna is getting inducted alongside the rest of DX is both surprising and very welcome. WWE had trepidation in inducting Chyna due to her adult film past, which to me always felt like code for ‘WWE is scared Chyna would speak too much truth or knock Stephanie’s teeth out’, but that appears to be have subsided enough for this to happen. Too bad WWE didn’t have the guts to do it while she was alive, or have her as a solo inductee (though Triple H does mention that is inevitable in the ESPN article), but hey take what you can get. Rude getting subbed is strange though; I figure they would have at least welcomed back his son to do his SPOT-ON impression of his father again.

Inducting DX makes sense so I have no problem with it, but I won’t pretend I like DX or that their whole shtick has aged well (all versions). I thought the ‘Suck It’ crotch chop was pretty funny and got in trouble in school for doing it to people, and I love that SummerSlam 1998 ladder match between Trips and The Rock, but that’s mostly it barring some skits here and there for me. But hey our lord and savior Billy BY GOD Gunn is getting a HOF ring so all is well.

The 2019 WWE Hall of Fame ceremony takes place live on April 6th from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY as part of WrestleMania weekend. I’ll update y’all when they announce more inductees.

Kofi Kingston Replaces Mustafa Ali in Sunday’s ‘Elimination Chamber’ Championship Match

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Last night on SmackDown it was announced that Kofi Kingston of The New Day would replace the injured Mustafa Ali in the WWE Championship match this Sunday at Elimination Chamber. Kingston was revealed at the beginning of the gauntlet match main event to decide who would enter the chamber last at the PPV. and lasted over an hour, instantly raising his profile and giving him a whole lot of momentum going into the title match. The gauntlet was won by Randy Orton with an RKO out of nowhere which was dumb but overall it was a great match. Seriously if you didn’t catch last night’s SmackDown I highly suggest you do. Of course I recapped it but it’s a match worth actually seeing with your own eyeballs. It’s easy to forget just HOW GOOD Kofi is when given the chance, and he reminded me for sure by the end of the episode.

Elimination Chamber takes place this Sunday and will air live on the WWE Network at 7pm/6pm Central. If you’re a glutton for punishment the Kickoff Show starts at 6pm/5pm Central.

WWE Triple Crown Champion Pedro Morales Passes Away at 76

Sad news to report as Pedro Morales, one of the biggest stars for the then-WWWF in the 70s and early-80s, has passed away at the age of 76. Born in Puerto Rico, Morales began wrestling in 1959 and in short order became one of the industry’s biggest stars, unseating Ivan Koloff to win the WWWF World Championship. Morales defended the title against all comers for over two years, selling out the famed Madison Square Garden on multiple occasions, before losing it to Stan Stasiak. Morales would go on to win the Intercontinental Championship two times and the Tag Team Championship with Bob Backlund one time, making him the company’s first-ever Triple Crown Champion. Morales would hang around the now-WWF into the 1980s, putting over new stars, until retiring from the ring in 1987. He transitioned over to color commentary for both the WWF and later WCW’s Spanish announce team and was inducted into the WWF Hall of Fame in 1995. Morales had been battling advanced Parkinson’s Disease in his final years.

Morales was before my time but I’ve always respected his contributions to pro wrestling and his legacy as the first man to win all three championships in the WWWF. Time to hit the Network and see what I’ve been missing. Rest in Peace.

The Revival Are Your New RAW Tag Team Champions

After what seems like forever, The Revival have finally struck main roster gold last night on RAW by defeating Bobby Roode Chad Gable for the brand’s Tag Team Championship. The match started off slow with a dead crowd but picked up in short order, and by the end they had the crowd screaming and chanting ‘THIS IS AWESOME’ as each team did everything they could to put the other way. In the end The Revival countered a crossbody from Gable into the Shatter Machine and finally ascended to the top of the tag team mountain (for one brand at least).

After winning over fans in droves during their time on NXT. including two reigns as the Tag Team Champions, The Revival was drafted to RAW in 2017 but due to injuries and other factors have never reached the same heights.  Congrats to The Revival on a title long deserved…and may you actually get a real reign with it instead of losing it in like a week or something.